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The geothermal piping system

Heat exchange unit

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Company history

Since 1991, our customers have trusted us to make them the highest quality dies. We began operation in a 12,000 square foot plant in Maple Grove, Minnesota, moving to our present 21,000 square foot facility in Ramsey, Minnesota.

Many of our people have decades of experience in the tool and die industry.

Geothermal energy

So why these photos of piping and a heat exchange unit? Our building, custom-made in 1998 for us and the work we do, uses geothermal energy for heating and air conditioning. A geothermal system works on the principle that the temperature below the earth's surface remains at a constant 50 degrees regardless of the surface temperature. Minnesota Tool's plant contains approximately 65 vertical wells, each 135 feet deep, with a closed-loop system of geothermal piping filled with nontoxic antifreeze. Heating and cooling then circulates throughout the building via the tubing.

What are some advantages of using geothermal energy? Efficiency for one. While a conventional gas appliance might operate at 80% efficiency, a geothermal system is 300-400% efficient—that is, the energy that is introduced into the system is for transporting heat, not creating it. Another advantage is that if one section of the plant becomes too hot—say, an area with machinery—that extreme heat can be transported by the system to another area that needs it. Finally, a geothermal system permits more precise control of the plant's temperature, and that precision helps us to maintain the precise tolerances required by our dies.

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