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Die design

At Minnesota Tool, we could talk for quite a while about the importance of a well-designed die. It's not just that your parts run better—often, our dies can save you steps in the production process itself, and that translates into savings in employee time and less opportunity for human error.

We're known across the country for handling challenging dies. How do we do it? Excellent designers, design capabilities and the latest software. Die reviews in which designers, toolmakers and management discuss the best way to make a particular die. But most of all, our dedication to making the best possible die for you, our customer.

We use VISI—VISI improves our design capabilities by enabling us to run simulations on our designs to troubleshoot our dies before they are even built. VISI also helps us run more efficiently by giving us ongoing feedback on material requirements and furnishing our CNC machining centers with 3D versions of component parts.

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