panoramic view of EDM room
Mitsubishi 200HA


A partial panorama of the EDM room. (Left to right) The Mitsubishi FA10, and the FA20S (with operator).



The Mitsubishi MV2400S

Bottom left:


The Mitsubishi FA20S

Bottom right:


The Mitsubishi FA10

Minnesota Tool and Die Works

Experts in precision EDM work for medical manufacturing and other industries

Our wire EDM capabilities make it possible for us to make fine cuts up to .0001" in metal as much as 11" thick. Invaluable in industries such as medical product manufacturing, this degree of precision also increases the effectiveness of our own dies.

We have leading-edge EDM capabilities—two FA10s, a FA20S and an MV2400S—and all of our plant’s computers are networked directly to each EDM computer for peak efficiency.

Minnesota Tool handles stand-alone EDM jobs in addition to the EDMing we do for our precision die components.

Like to talk with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members? Call Minnesota Tool today at 763-323-0145 extension 111, or email us at

Mitsubishi FA205

The Mitsubishi FA20S

Mitsubishi 200FA

The Mitsubishi FA10