Die repair component

On this page: recent photos of Minnesota Tool's die repair work, showing both new and broken die components.

Die repair component Die repair component Die repair component

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Die Repair

If you’ve got a broken die, or one that’s just running substandard parts, we can help—whether you’ve been a customer of ours or not. We do top-quality work, and we do it promptly—we know that a broken die can cause serious production problems for you.


Never been a customer of Minnesota Tool? If you have the prints for the defective die component, send them to us and we’ll promptly make you a new component. No prints or CAD file? No problem—we’ll reverse engineer for you.


If you’ve ever worked with us, we have the CAD files of every job we’ve done for you. All it takes is a phone call and we can start remaking your die component. That’s another incentive to work with Minnesota Tool.

About our die repair services

We offer:

  • Quality work, done right the first time
  • Quick turnaround, to get you up and running
  • Reverse engineering
  • File storage. We keep the CAD files on every job we do.

Like to discuss your die repair needs with an expert? Call one of our friendly and helpful people at 763-323-0145 extension 111 or email us at info@mtdwi.com.